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Tokyo, Japan (relocate)

Voodoo is a tech company specialized in the creation and publishing of mobile gaming applications, including hyper-casual games.

These are accessible games for everyone, focusing on gameplay, inspired by the universe of arcade games and; modernized for today's gaming audience.

The goal: to entertain the world with innovative and creative snackable content.

A market leader and consistently at the top of the rankings on the App Store, Voodoo games now have more than 300 million monthly active users and more than 3.5 billion downloads.

Now present internationally, Voodoo has opened its offices in: Berlin, Amsterdam, Montreal, Barcelona, Istanbul, London, Singapore and many more to come.

At Voodoo, employees work in small autonomous, agile and independent teams. The company encourages ownership, innovation and creativity in a supporting environment, where sharing of best practices is encouraged.

Над чем работать?
  • Жанры: Аркады, Казуальные
  • Платформы: Mobile
На какие задачи (обязанности)?

We are looking for talent interested in creating something bigger ! To succeed in this role, you will need to have a good passion for gaming. You will join a small and high performing team.

You will be responsible for finding and coaching studios, helping them create hit games. Through your work, you will develop your skills and help us deliver fun and entertaining games to millions of people all around the world!


Challenges / 具体的なチャレンジ

  • Sourcing new high potential game studios in Japan

  • Onboarding and coaching Japanese studios on all aspects of their games

  • Developing a trusting relationship with the best Japanese teams and ensure a follow-up

  • Ability to deconstruct and analyse mobile game mechanics

  • Competitor analysis from hypercasual/casual games in Japanese market

  • Present guidelines and provide consultation to fully localize ingame content (gameplay, features, levels, IAP mechanics, etc)

  • Spreading Voodoo’s culture and processes

  •  日本の新規ゲームスタジオの選定・調整

  •  日本の外部開発スタジオにおけるゲーム全行程のマネージメント

  • 日本の外部開発チームと良好な関係を築き、開発工程の円滑な進行、ゲームの品質を管理

  • モバイルゲームのメカニズムの理解と分析

  • ハイパーカジュアル/カジュアルゲーム競合会社の日本市場分析

  • ゲーム内コンテンツ(ゲームプレイ、機能、レベル、IAP(アプリ内課金)等)のフルローカリゼーションのガイドライン設定と協議

  • Voodoo社の文化とワークフローの展開

Какого профессионала ищем?

Must have / 応募資格

  • You have strong interest for gaming

  • Great interpersonal skills and openness to feedback

  • Experience in Consulting firm is a plus

  • Japanese (native); English (fluent/business)

  • ゲームに対する熱い思いがある方。

  • ゲームバランス(UX/UI)の知識がある方

  • 歓迎スキル:コンサルティング企業での経験がある方

  • 日本語(ネイティブレベル)、英語(流暢またはビジネスレベル)

Что для нас важно в человеке?
  • Good game balancing UX/UI sensitivity

  • Excellent analytical and communication skills

  • You find creative solutions to problems in a fast moving environment

  • You have a passion (art and crafts, music..)

  • 分析力とコミュニケーション能力に長けている方

  • 日々変化する環境や問題に対応出来る想像力のある方

  • 対人スキルが高く、フィードバッグに適応力がある方

  • 情熱のある方(アート、音楽など)

Почему у нас приятно работать?

Based on our principles and values, you will have the chance to join a small, independent, and helpful team. You will have full ownership of your role allowing you to be unique and continuously strive for excellence to deliver innovative and creative projects. 


Какие условия и бонусы?

Competitive salary

Free shares

Catered lunch

Wellness activities


Seminars abroad every year

Процесс отбора

HR phone interview

Technical Test 

Hiring Managers' interviews

Motivation fit interview

Final interview with the CEO

References check


Тип компании: product, developer, publisher

Сотрудники: 201-500

Платформы:: Mobile

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