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The most famous Ukrainian game development company, GSC Game World, was founded in 1995. That means we have been making games for you for 25 years.

GSC Game World aims to create universes for millions of players, ranging from critically acclaimed strategy games like "Cossacks," "Heroes of Annihilated Empires," and "American Conquest" to the unique franchise of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Currently, we are working on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, the largest project in our history.

Our plans for the coming years? To continue growing, creating, and surprising.

Start forging legends. Join us.

Над чем работать?
  • Название проекта(ов): Проекты GSC Game World
На какие задачи (обязанности)?

1. Managing external outsourcing relationships for video game development projects.
 2. Selecting and assessing external studios and specialists for various disciplines: QA, programming, technical art, and more.
 3. Approving and overseeing the quality of work from external teams, including compliance with standards and deadlines.
 4. Developing and managing budgets for outsourcing projects.
 5. Assisting in optimizing game development processes through the use of external resources.
 6. Regularly communicating with external stakeholders and internal teams to ensure coordination and transparency.

Какого профессионала ищем?

1. Experience in outsourcing and managing external resources in the AA / AAA game industry.
 2. Understanding of processes and requirements specific to game development.
 3. Experience in selecting and coordinating the work of external teams and individual specialists.
 4. Knowledge of the landscape of gaming industry, its trends, and the market.
 5. Excellent communication skills and the ability to effectively coordinate and manage external stakeholders.
 6. A drive for innovation and seeking best practices in the field of outsourcing.This position offers the opportunity to work in the exciting video game development industry and influence the quality and success of gaming projects by utilizing external resources and expertise. 

Что для нас важно в человеке?

- Consideration for people;

- Openness, sincerity and good sense of humour;

- Love for computer games;

- Readiness to learn and develop a lot;

- Willingness to participate in cool projects.

Почему у нас приятно работать?

We make games and play them. And most importantly, we truly love it! Working for a company of game industry veterans is an opportunity to improve your skills, learn from your colleagues, and just have a good time in the company of those who share your passion.

We are staffed with the latest technology.We use the most current technologies in development. We pride ourselves on giving our employees access to the best tools in the industry.

Keeping up with HP.In a healthy body, a healthy sprint. Psychotherapy, console lounge areas (along with mandatory holiday and sick leave) will help keep your health streak to the max.

Oh, you're from England? No? Wrong. No worries - a free English tutor will assess your level and help you learn. You'll be able to watch films and play games in the original language.

The GSC Game World office is a place of creative atmosphere and special energy, where you want to realise new things. Tired of tea and biscuits? No problem, we have a bar! We've been waiting for you! Newcomers will get a great Welcome Package and exclusive merch only for "for our own".

GSC Game World

Тип компании: product, developer, publisher

Сотрудники: 201-500

Платформы: PC, Console

Жанры: Экшен, Ролевые, Стратегии, Шутер

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