Unreal Engine Developer (Middle)

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Unreal Engine Developer


Киев, Украина

Beatshapers Ltd. is a Ukrainian video game developer and publisher working on global markets for seventh generation handhelds and consoles and Apple Inc. iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

Beatshapers Ltd. is focused on creating high-quality and immersive entertainment across gaming consoles, VR/MR and other interactive platforms of the future. Although most of their current projects are behind the closed doors, their portfolio and 23 past console releases exposes their experience in Twitch streaming interactions, Virtual and Mixed Reality.

They are pushing new interactive entertainment mediums up to its limits with new products and new ways of interactions between players. The core team does video games for quite a while and are one of the first companies who started work with Virtual Reality. Nowadays they continue to deep dive into new mediums by coming to wonderful world of China VR and now working with big names in entertainment and movie industry.

Над чем работать?
  • Платформы: VR
Размер и структура команды?


На какие задачи (обязанности)?


  • Optimize code and data for memory usage and performance as required
  • Code review and project documentation
  • Responsible for programming UI, all the mechanics (player movement, object interaction, etc). for mobile and console
  • Enhance and maintain the graphics of Unreal while creating new features
  • Problem solving from technical programming side on your own and meeting task deadlines
  • Collaborating with designers to create and improve the core systems
  • Providing guidance to visual and technical artists
  • Providing technical solutions together with the rest of 3D design, UX/UI and management team
  • Discovering and fixing programming bugs
  • Какого профессионала ищем?


  • Strong knowledge of UE4 (Material creation, Lighting setup, Profiling tools);
  • Experience in UE 2+ year;
  • Knowledge of visual programming (Blueprints);
  • Ability to adapt to a project’s needs;
  • Knowledge C++;
  • Optimization experience, knowledge of profiling tools, different tips and trick for optimizing game for mobile and console;
  • Deep knowledge in graphics pipeline;
  • Experience in development game for mobile or console platform;
  • Knowledge of shader languages HLSL/GLSL is a plus.
  • Почему у нас приятно работать?

    We offer:

  • competitive salary & benefits package
  • modern and comfortable office in the city centre with lots of perks
  • perfect working conditions and a great team to work with
  • Процесс отбора

    Our recruiting process is short: Technical interview only.

    If you're interested in a position please send your resume to


    Тип компании: product, developer, publisher, indie

    Сотрудники: 11-50

    Платформы: PC, Console, VR/AR

    Игровые жанры: Экшен, Гонки, Ролевые, Стратегии, Шутер, Аркады


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