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Our company has been working on erasing the line between education and gaming for over a year now.
We are close to our first demo release and TA testing phase, meaning that we are going to have plenty of work and a number of interesting challenges to solve. Our goal is:
To create a gaming metaverse with children, parents, and teachers avatars. Young children will discover their potential through adventures in educational environments - filled with engaging characters and tropes, while adults will get a chance to show their creativity and become educational influencers.

Children’s avatars will develop and grow, reflecting and motivating the child's proclivities - creating a virtuous circle through building up an avatar of your potential self, not just a disconnected character. Their adventures in the metaverse will initially inform and then incorporate regular education and homework.

Teachers will have an opportunity to become content creators and attract many students as residents of their educational worlds, with customisable storylines that resonate with different education strategies. Incentivizing creative, tenacious individuals to become educators in an interactive environment will transform the very nature of teaching, and attract very different people to become teachers, motivating them through a reward structure proportional to their contribution to the platform.

What are you working on?
  • The name of the project(s): Middle-Senior Game UI/UX Designer
  • At what stage of the project(s)? Alpha
  • Genres: Puzzle, Platformer, Educational, Adventure
  • Platforms: Mobile, iOS
Team size and structure?

Unity developers, Level Designer, Concept Artists, 3D Artist, Narrative creator

For which tasks (responsibilities)?
  • Design and develop user-friendly and intuitive UI interfaces

  • Implement creative and engaging UX interactions to enhance the game experience

  • Collaborate with the game development team to ensure a seamless integration of design and technology

  • Conduct user research and testing to ensure the game is enjoyable and accessible for kids

  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and incorporate them into design concepts

We are looking for someone with proven experience in creating something different from enterprise-driven interfaces since we are not looking for creating something similar to what is out there already.

We are looking to create our OWN interface. One thing we know at this stage - we won't the main game interface to be without any buttons - the needed interfaces should appear automatically or after certain interactions.

We are inspired by Inside and Ori games to begin with.

What kind of professional are we looking for?
  • Proven experience as a UI/UX Designer, with a portfolio demonstrating your skills

  • Strong knowledge of user interface design and UX principles

  • Proficiency in design software such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, or similar

  • Familiarity with game development processes and technology

  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to think creatively

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills

What is important for us in a person?

Communicative, disciplined and detail-oriented.

Why do we enjoy working here?

This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced UI/UX Designer to join a growing game development studio and contribute to the creation of a unique and engaging gaming experience for kids.

If you have a passion for designing creative and intuitive UI interfaces and UX interactions, we would love to hear from you.

What are the conditions and bonuses?

Innovative and meaningful project with a space for creativity, challenge and a team of like-minded enthusiasts.

The selection process

We will get to know each other and would ask to complete a small test task before we can disclose the important details of the project!

Education Studios

Company type: product, education, other

Employees: 11-50

Platforms: Mobile, AR

Genres: Adventure, Puzzle, Casual


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