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$1,500 - $2,000 / Месяц

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A digital art production outsourcing company that works in three directions:

• architectural visualization

• game development

• film production

Оur mission is to create breathtaking visuals and believable worlds which amaze and thrill the players of our

clients’ games. We strive to maintain excellence, so continue to improve our skills by mastering the latest

artistic tools and technologies.

Our projects:

We are looking for Project Manager for Gamedev direction!

Размер и структура команды?


На какие задачи (обязанности)?

Communication with the client:

• drafting a brief

• identification of missing information

• clarification of questions

• drawing up and agreement of a schedule

• upsales in the course of the project

• negotiating terms due to changes that were not originally agreed upon

• development of the relationships with the client

Communication with the team:

• schedule, budget and execution coordination and control

• assembling the team on the project

• onboarding of the project

• monitoring of all project stages and timelines

• create and maintain project documentation

• collection of project deliverables upon project completion

• communication with the Financial and Business Departments

• daily and weekly performance reporting

Какого профессионала ищем?

• 2+ years of experience at Gamedev (outsourcing is a plus)

• English Upper-Intermediate

Что для нас важно в человеке?

communication and leadership skills

Почему у нас приятно работать?

• Decent payment (salary+ bonuses from closed projects)

• Creative and open-minded team

• Worldwide projects

• Employee journey map for professional development

Какие условия и бонусы?

• Remote workspace

• 24 working days of paid vacation a year, paid sick days

Процесс отбора

2-3 interviews with HR, COO&CEO

Hiring process takes up to two weeks

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