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Relocate, Praca zdalna, Cyprus, Georgia, Lithuania, Montenegro

We are Belka Games. Our company is one of the 20 highest-grossing game developers in Europe according to data.ai, and our audience recently surpassed a milestone of 110 million players.

We're looking for a Head of User Acquisition. This is a vital team member who will implement our strategy for attracting users and help us achieve our ambitious marketing goals.

We interact directly with key partners, invest in research and testing for new traffic sources, develop purchasing technology, and automate processes, including running campaigns. Join our team and make a meaningful impact on the growth of the mobile game industry.

Nad czym pracować?
  • Gatunek: Gry codzienni
  • Platformy : Mobile, iOS, Android
Na jakie zadania (obowiązki)?
  • Become the leader of our UA team, grow that team, and enhance its internal processes

  • Define and implement our UA strategy

  • Work closely with our creative, analytics, automation, and product teams

  • Develop relationships with partners and search for new channels 

Jakiego specjalisty szukamy?
  • Relevant experience as a Marketing Producer, Head of UA, or CMO

  • A profound understanding of the mobile game market, purchasing channels (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, DSPs, Networks, Incents), and the technical side of marketing

  • The ability to work with analytics and use BI systems such as Tableau

  • And, most importantly, the ability to get right to the heart of a problem and find realistic solutions or people who can help

Dlaczego u nas przyjemno pracować ?
  • Remote/hybrid options: you can come to our offices in Lithuania, Georgia, Montenegro, and Cyprus, or work remotely

  • Professional growth: we offer English lessons with an instructor and support people who want to learn local languages such as Greek, Lithuanian, and Serbian. We also pay for trips to professional conferences and partially reimburse employees for education

  • Teamwork: we value the expertise of every member of our team, so we really listen to each other 

  • Data-driven decision-making: we factor in everyone's opinions, but all our product-related decisions are ultimately based on metrics, not subjective feelings 

  • Help relocating: we'll partially compensate you for moving expenses and help you with the legal paperwork

  • Plus all the standard stuff: official employment, health insurance, and partial reimbursement for your gym membership

Proces selekcji

The recruitment process will consist of three phases: an interview with our Recruiter, a technical interview with our CMO and a final interview with our CEO.

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Belka Games

Rodzaj firmy: developer, publisher

Pracownicy: 201-500

Platformy : Mobile, Social

Gatunek: Gry codzienni


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